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Why is Training so Important?

06 May 2019 6:21 PM | Lorie Brown (Administrator)

Why is training so important? After all, the organization starts by hiring highly-qualified employees who already know how to perform. Their qualifications include their specialized training and experience.

Career-driven professionals invest in their careers by maintaining their industry knowledge.

Whether your working persona is an employee, a leader, or as a committed businessperson, you have a reason to value training:

  • You are highly-trained and ambitious. You want assurance that your organization has a career plan for you and will support your growth.
  • As a leader, you want the same assurance for others since you have likely witnessed the exodus of great colleagues and felt the negative impact.
  • As an owner, a partner, or a stakeholder with a vested interest, you want the organization to be profitable and be a great place to work. You want to add value to make value. It starts by attracting and retaining talent.

Professional membership provided by Association Talent Development (ATD) provides training that will enhance your skills and what you bring to your organization. By attending workshops, networking, and exploring our resources, your skills, as well as your reputation as a leader and an innovator will grow.

At the chapter membership level, you have an opportunity to be involved and take your risks within the group and not in front of your manager. Want to lead a training session? Want to learn webinars? Want to plan an event or prove your social media skills? Then volunteering at the chapter level is a great place to give and reap the benefits professionally.

Let’s grow together.

Written by Susan Wines, Digital eLearning Specialist

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