A Case for Manager Training

07 Jul 2019 3:27 PM | Lorie Brown (Administrator)

A Case for Manager Training

When the economy is great, it’s hard to remember the insecurities of the downward trends where corporate training is one of the first line items to be cut. Just like you should have your 1-minute elevator pitch ready to sell your job or department, you need a pitch for new programs.

Would you like to start or expand your training program for managers? Did you know that managers share legal liability for hostile work environments? Do your executives or managers know this?

  • An employee lawsuit can name the company and include supervisors as co-defendants.
  • The company may decide to separate the cases, in which case the supervisor is personally financially responsible for his legal fees, and if ruled against, will be liable for the settlement.
  • Employment attorneys like these types of cases because juries usually award generous punitive damages when rogue leadership acts inappropriately, and the company knew and did nothing.

Training managers sounds like a great idea for the company and for the managers, doesn’t it? Are you ready to write a proposal? Below are two helpful links:

Written by Susan Wines, Digital eLearning Specialist

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