Check Your Career

05 Aug 2019 10:30 PM | Lorie Brown (Administrator)

Check Your Career

"Should I Stay or Should I Go" is an 80s hit song by the English punk rock band The Clash. The singer Mick Jones muses, "If I go, there will be trouble; And if I stay, it will be double."

Are you having a similar dilemma with your career development?

Why have you stayed at your job?

  • Is it because you are making a difference? Do you enjoy your work and your colleagues? Are you and your skills respected and valued?
  • Is it because you need longevity at a job, perhaps for a credit rating or to enhance your resume for a particular company? Are positions limited locally or by your specialty?

Stay for positive reasons, not out of fear. It's almost always okay to stay. Don’t stay if your bad days outnumber your good days.

Whether you stay or leave for different opportunities is an intensely personal decision. You may opt for work-life balance as opposed to the dedication and sacrifice needed for a successful fast-track career. Life doesn't usually happen as graduates envision when they toss their graduate caps into the air. Your family may include a child with special needs or with Olympic aspirations. Your outside interests may be your life-long priority or even the start of a new career, such as travel, photography, or a charity.

What’s not okay, is stagnation. You need to improve continually, sometimes just to keep pace. Your professional membership at ATD helps you grow and expands your options. Seek knowledge, be ready! Join us! Joe Strummer (The Clash) reminds us that, “Career opportunities are the ones that never knock.”

Written by Susan Wines, Digital eLearning Specialist

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