What’s in it for me?

16 Sep 2019 5:30 PM | Lorie Brown (Administrator)

What’s in it for me?

In 2017 the ATD Mid Cities Chapter selected a President-Elect for 2018, who would, in turn, be President of the chapter in 2019. Often in my life, opportunities arise to try something new with the potential of helping me be a more well-rounded individual. Midway through 2018, Jonathan Silk and I were asked to take positions of President-Elect and President for 2019. I gladly accepted the opportunity with optimism and enthusiasm to be President of the chapter looking forward to experiencing and practicing the leadership skills I study and teach at my job.

In October of 2018, I headed off to Washington, DC to attend ATD's Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC). There, I met hundreds of like-minded people in the same situation I was as President-Elect. We needed to understand what we were supposed to do in our upcoming year as President. Fortunately, the conference is meant to help chapter leaders--especially future presidents. ALC shared the ins and outs of operating a local ATD chapter with a board and volunteers. Initially, I learned that I didn't know much. Ultimately, I knew how important it would be to rely on the available resources, not just myself, to be successful.

Fortunately, I was blessed with intelligent, dedicated, and willing volunteers to be on the board of directors, and my job was made very clear. My role as President is simple: help my board with the challenges they face and provide them with resources so they can do their part. While we tackled day-to-day issues, I believe the board of 2019 provided a quality product to our members while keeping within budget, and had fun doing it. And not just the board, also our volunteer team is tremendous and continues to grow as we encourage all members to get involved in any area of the chapter. 

So, what's in it for "me" or anyone who wants to be President? That all depends on the individual. It could be the title to leverage for their career, the chance for leadership experience before a career move, or the opportunity to implement their vision. 

What's in it for me is the personal reward of:

·       being part of a great team

·       empowering them to be innovative

·       leading them by example

·       spending time getting to know them both personally and professionally

I am blessed and grateful for our team and thank them for all they do! You're the Best! 

Gary Sidoti

Current President, ATD Fort Worth/Mid-Cities Chapter

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