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  • March 2017 Workshop - Lean Operations

March 2017 Workshop - Lean Operations

  • 03/02/2017
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Diamond Oaks - 5821 Diamond Oaks Dr N, Fort Worth, TX 76117


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Linbeck presents Lean Operations

Thursday, March 2nd 2017

Main Speaker: Stewart Trapino, VP of Learning & People Development

Assisting with Program: Rachel Bamfield, Administrative Assistant II

Program Summary: We will briefly discuss Lean and then do the “Parade of Trades” game. It is NOT necessary for anyone to have any prior knowledge of Construction to play and understand the game. Here is a description:

The Parade of Trades game was developed by the Lean Construction Institute to help demonstrate the impact of  VARIATION on a construction project. The in-class simulation will appeal to those who are competitive, as teams see who can finish their project first. A brief discussion follows to emphasize the lessons learned and to relate it to the “real world.”

About Stewart:

Stewart has over 20-years of experience with a focus on organizational transformation and learning. As the director of learning and development, Stewart facilitates Linbeck’s talent management strategy, manages the corporate university, and supports project teams to master lean principles and integrated practices. Leveraging his manufacturing experience, Stewart facilitates True North and Value Stream Mapping efforts that define a collective value and the means and methods for delivering that value. Most importantly, project teams understand the behaviors that are necessary to drive the desired results. He also supports learning the art and science of making reliable promises using the Last Planner SystemTM combined with visual management queues. Problem solving techniques and A3 documents help the team to identify root causes and to implement the right countermeasures.
Select Project Experience

Cook Children’s Medical Center – Fort Worth, TX
Stewart facilitated and guided the IPD Core Team through the use of specific training and a series of Lean “boot camps”. Stewart’s Core Team coaching was focused on the proper use and techniques around the Last Planner SystemTM related to understanding constraint analysis – elevating and immediate removal of constraints. The “boot camp” training for the broader core team members focused on developing new mindsets and behaviors in support of integrated lean delivery by helping to create a new culture that was grounded in continuous improvement.

MD Anderson Cancer Center, 1 Mid-Campus Build-Out – Houston, TX
Stewart facilitated a team building exercise and training known as “True North.” In doing so, the core team members understood how their goals and needs aligned with the collective, creating a productive set of behaviors. A True North Dashboard enabled quick adjustments keeping the team focused on that which drives the right results.

About Rachel:

  - Performs advanced basic secretarial functions in support of project operations
  - Has a clear understanding of Linbeck philosophies of customer focus and teamwork
  - Acts as liaison between regional jobsites and offices
  - Communicates and maintains relationships with subcontractors and clients
Rachel is currently enrolled at Tarrant County College in the online Certification Program for Certified Instructional Designer, and expected to finish in October.

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